Study populations

Costa Rica, in 2016, had an estimated population of 4.8m with 22% under the age of 15 years and only 9% aged 65 years and over. By 2050, this subpopulation is expected to almost double to 24% (1.3m) of the population while those 0–14 years of age will only make up about 19% of the population.

Alongside the ageing population, the prevalence of people with diabetes appears to be increasing with the most recent statistics reporting 278,900 people living with diabetes and an estimated 111,700 undiagnosed cases.

Report & Infographic

Availability of DR patient education materials in health care providers offices

(All providers n=10)

  • Sufficient information available
  • Information not sufficient
  • No written information available
  • Don’t know

Percentage of adults with diabetes who completed an eye exam

(Opthamologists n=72)

  • Have had an eye exam
  • Never had an eye exam

Complications adults with diabetes were most concerned about

(Adults with diabetes n=73)

  • Vision loss
  • Amputation
  • Neuropathy
  • Kidney disease

Frequency of discussions about eye complications with health care providers

(Adults with diabetes n=73)

  • Every visit
  • Multiple times per year
  • Once a year
  • When symptoms arise
  • Never
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