The nAMD and DR Barometer Programs were established several years ago as global initiatives to improve the vision health of millions of patients with nAMD, DR and DME

The two programs have recently joined forces as a unified Barometer Program
under the above joint mission.

Visit the nAMD Barometer website to learn more:

DR Barometer

The DR Barometer Program is a global action network of individuals and organizations working to improve the vision health outcomes of adults with diabetes through interdisciplinary collaboration, action, and knowledge exchange.


A world where people with diabetes are enabled to maintain their vision health.


The DR Barometer Program aims to be the global point of connection for “evidence to action” around diabetes-related vision complications.

Core Values:

Girl getting eye exam


 The uptake of the latest evidence related to diabetes-related vision complications into policy and practice

Man getting his eyes checked


The emphasis on improving vision health outcomes among adults with diabetes

Two men shaking hands


The encouragement of individuals and organizations to work collaboratively across different disciplines, professional fields, with a shared vision

Senior receiving assistance

Person-centered care

The prioritization of the needs of adults with diabetes and their families as key decision makers in their health

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