Expert Advisory Group

This Expert Advisory Group is an interdisciplinary collective of individuals who are thought leaders in each of their particular fields, including health care policy, ophthalmology, care, and .

The Expert Advisors provide expertise and advice on the direction of the DR Barometer Program in line with the latest evidence and best practices.

DR Barometer Community

The DR Barometer Community is a growing, global action network of individuals with a shared interest in helping people with diabetes avoid vision loss, including leaders in diabetes care, advocacy, ophthalmology, patient education, geriatrics, primary care, public health, and industry.

Community members can be involved in of ways such as participating in online dialogue within and across borders; sharing materials and good practices to be featured in newsletters as well as in a resource library networking amongst colleagues of similar and different fields of work with the same goal.

The Secretariat

The IFA serves as the Program Secretariat to manage to day operations of the Program including:

  • Coordinating and mobilising online knowledge exchange and community building including webinars, blogs, and online discussions
  • Managing communications including the website, newsletters, advocacy materials, and other outreach
  • Overseeing the Communities of Practice including regional and country-level project work
  • Reporting to the Global Committee on a regular basis.
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