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European Advocacy Workshop

Mar 22, 2019 | Announcements

A multidisciplinary collaboration took place at the DR Barometer European Advocacy Workshop in Milan, Italy on 14-15 September 2018.  Primary care physicians, diabetologists, ophthalmologists, patient and advocacy organisations in the field of ageing and industry shared, discussed and debated scientific, clinical and practice knowledge during the meeting with the aim of optimising care for people at risk of or living with diabetic eye disease, by seeking solutions to known patient and professional barriers.

Truly a “working” event – attendees were divided into three distinct Communities of Practice – Patient Education and Empowerment, Guidelines and Protocols for Healthcare Professionals, and Coordinated Care to brainstorm and identify solutions to unique scenarios in which patient care is being compromised by creating an action plan, and presenting it to the entire room of adjudicators for the winners to go forward to the next stage of development.  Proposed solutions are fuelling a unified movement to enact collective action, and ensure that patients are put at the centre of care.

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