Study populations

Algeria, in 2016, had an estimated population of 40m with around 29% under the age of 15 years and only 6% over the age of 65 years. By 2050, the population will increase some 40% marked by a decrease in the proportion of younger people (20%) and increase in those aged 65 years and over (17%, 9.5m).

Alongside the ageing population, diabetes prevalence is increasing – with the most recent statistics reporting 1.7m people living with the condition and an estimated 693,800 undiagnosed cases.

Report & Infographic

Time of presentation for screening with an ophthamologist

(Opthamologists n=16)

  • In time for screening
  • When visual problems have already occurred
  • Too late for effective treatment

Availability of DR patient education materials in health care providers’ offices

(All providers n=93)

  • Sufficient information available
  • Information not sufficient
  • No written information available
  • Don’t know

Complications adults with diabetes were most concerned about

(Adults with diabetes n=50)

  • Vision loss
  • Kidney disease
  • Cardiovascular disease/stroke
  • Amputation

Frequency of discussions about eye complications with health care providers

(Adults with diabetes n=49)

  • Every visit
  • Multiple times per year
  • Once a year
  • When symptoms arise
  • Never
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