The DR Barometer Study

Findings from the DR Barometer Study supported the clear and urgent need to improve the experience of, and outcomes for, adults living with diabetes, who find themselves at risk of developing eye complications.

Policy Recommendations

  • Establish a cross-discipline, cross-border coalition platform to identify synergies and good practices for the improvement of diabetes-related eye health, and further the work and findings of the DR Barometer Study in order to improve standards and practices within health systems

  • Develop a new advocacy model comprising patients, diabetes, vision-related and ageing organisations, academia and clinicians, to address barriers and identify solutions at a national level in order to join up policy developments, foster intergovernmental dialogue within ministries with the end goal of developing a national strategy for diabetes-related eye complications

  • Establish a multi-sectorial, multi-disciplinary research consortium which aims to address the research gaps in the understanding of disease-specific modifiers or indicators within diabetes health, socio-economic implications of diabetes-related eye complications, and future translational research needed to achieve optimised patient outcomes and improved service provision

  • Identify good practices in joined-up care and patient education, to establish baseline approaches for patient care with the aim of replicating and scaling-up, as appropriate, within specific health system frameworks within each country

  • Inform the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal 3 related to health and the promotion of universal health coverage which provides opportunities to include eye health services, the WHO Global Strategy and Action Plan on Healthy Ageing, the WHO Universal Eye Health global action plan, the NCD Alliance, and the Vision 2020 Action Plan of the social and economic consequences of diabetes-related eye complications


The DR Barometer Community is a growing multidisciplinary network of thought leaders and organizations who are working together to address gaps in diabetes patient care. Join today to help improve vision health outcomes among people living with diabetes.