DR Barometer Community of Practice Virtual Workshops 2020

  • Dates: 01 Jun – 30 Jul, 2020

The DR Barometer program was formed to address the findings of the DR Barometer study, and to be a platform for knowledge exchange and solution driven actions to build best practices, inform policy, and increase patient education and awareness. Central to the DR Barometer Program is the Community of Practice (CoP) comprising of highly motivated professionals working collaboratively to create and/or share knowledge, and drive evidence to actions that address gaps in policy and practice.

To formally launch the DR Barometer Community of Practice, two virtual workshops were convened in June and July 2020 comprising 18 delegates from 11 countries (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Greece, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States). Experts and thought leaders in the fields of ophthalmology, diabetology, primary care, geriatric care, public health, diabetes advocacy and vision health advocacy gathered at the workshops to discuss evidence, practical challenges, solutions and strategies on the three focal areas: patient education and empowerment; guidelines and protocols; and coordinated care.

Five key questions were raised under each of the three focal areas:

  1. What is the evidence?
  2. Where are the gaps?
  3. Who needs to receive the evidence?
  4. What is the format/timing of the information to be received?
  5. What are the actions needed to facilitate the uptake of evidence in the context of its use?

Chairs, expert advisors, and members of the Community of Practice sought to expand on the role of patients as educators and use media in patient education; improve implementation of guidelines and protocols by learning of suggested pathways to application, detect barriers, and develop solutions to overcome them; and improve the coordinated care pathway by understanding patient perspectives.

The opportunities unveiled at the workshops include:

  • Creating a resource repository to share best practices garnered over time and support the application of knowledge and evidence in the local context.
  • Developing a digital workplace to post productive inquires, seek implementation supports, and demonstrate successful practice of using of the DR Barometer study evidence in the local context.
  • Exploring the value and pathway for a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for patient education at country/region level for Community of Practice members.
  • Better understanding the way to inform integrating eye care into the WHO Guidelines on Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE) Model.
  • Empowering patient associations in Latin America in response to challenges faced by CoP members in consolidating advocacy voices of patient organizations to inform policy and practice change.

Knowledge assets and good practices shared by expert members in the workshops can be further leveraged and localized to help build the capacity of stakeholders at a country level who are working to inform policy and practice in vision health as it relates to diabetes


The DR Barometer Community is a growing multidisciplinary network of thought leaders and organizations who are working together to address gaps in diabetes patient care. Join today to help improve vision health outcomes among people living with diabetes.