Shifting the Needle toward improved outcomes and experiences

The DR Barometer Communities of Practice aim to help improve vision health outcomes among people living with diabetes by facilitating communication and collaboration across stakeholders.  Join the growing multidisciplinary network of thought leaders and organizations who are working together to address gaps in Patient Education and Empowerment, Guidelines and Protocols for Healthcare Professionals, and Coordinated Care.

DR Barometer Community advocates on four main pillars each dedicated to improving knowledge and strategies per focus area. Select each pillar to learn more.

Patient Education and Empowerment

  • Signs, symptoms and questions
  • Newly diagnosed information and peer support
  • Self-management tips
  • Latest treatment information

Guidelines and Protocols

  • Guidelines and protocols for general practitioners
  • Guidelines and protocols for specialists
  • Training and capacity building
  • Tools for dissemination

Coordinated Care

  • Models and approaches
  • Monitoring and evaluation frameworks

Advocating for Policy Change

  • National legislation and policies

Building the Community

Join the growing multidisciplinary network of thought leaders and organisations in diabetes, ageing, seniors and vision who are working for positive change in eye health.

Patient Education and EmpowermentGuidelines and ProtocolsCoordinated Care

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